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Join a Local Action for Statewide Results (LASR) Committee Today!

Jul 10, 2017
From the IFT:

What is the LASR program?

The Local Action for Statewide Results (LASR) program is a member-driven grassroots effort to strengthen the relationship between the IFT and members of the Illinois General Assembly. The intention of the program is to establish LASR committees in select House and Senate districts that will hold regular meetings with members of the General Assembly. The goal is to build long-lasting relationships and formalize our line of communication with various lawmakers on key issues. 

Ideally, LASR committee members will meet with legislators at least twice per year in the legislator's district office. The size of each committee will vary by region. 

Committees should be large enough to ensure that a sufficient number of IFT members are available to meet with the legislator, but not so large that the meeting is unwieldy or unproductive. The IFT will work with each LASR committee to provide support and materials for the meetings. 

LASR issue areas include:
  • School Funding and the State Budget
  • Pension Funding and Benefits
  • Tenure
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Charter Schools
  • Education Reform Proposals

Join a LASR Committee Today

Interested in the LASR program? Sign up to volunteer and be part of the union’s effort to educate lawmaker on the issues that are important to us. To volunteer just e-mail Your participation can have a huge impact on decisions being made in Springfield that effect your profession.
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