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McHenry County Federation of Teachers

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Report from the WCT President

Jul 10, 2017

Brothers and Sisters!

What an incredible week at the Union Leadership Institute at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin.  Myself, Denise Albright, Lauren Boyle, Mike DeGrassi, and Kendra Puzzo, all attended and were left with the same impression…”Wow!  Our Union is Strong!”  Throughout the week we were led by some of the most inspiring instructors and surrounded by great people from across the USA, all there with a common vision:  Make our profession about doing what is in the best interest for our students.  And who knows what best is?  WE do - the ones in the classrooms, day after day, in the proverbial trenches.  As we go about our daily duties over the course of the year, it is inevitable that we can become overwhelmed, frustrated and isolated.  Always know that you are a part of a family that has our principal interest at heart.  I witnessed it first hand and have never felt as motivated and energized to go about the work that I signed up for over fifteen years ago!  In meeting such an immense diversity of individuals from Chicago to Cleveland, New York to Nevada, rural, urban, suburban, affluence and poverty, listening to their struggles, I am confident to report that our District is without doubt nonpareil.  Our Board and Administration share our mission, and although at times we may disagree in tactics, our purpose is clear - let all our decisions be mindful of what is best for our kids.  I highly recommend any member, in any role, to attend next summer.  I guarantee you will not regret it.

In solidarity,

Mickey Olhava
Local 1642 WCT President


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