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Dear UPI Members,

Thank you for being an active member of the University Professionals of Illinois Local 4100.  By working together, we remain strong against the attacks on Illinois Higher Education.  We have and will continue to fight to protect our students, institutions, and members against those who would rather see us without a voice.   We are strongest when we stand united and fight together to preserve our hard-fought gains negotiated by our union.

We are disappointed, though not surprised, by this morning’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 case, a lawsuit backed by Rauner, corporate CEOs, wealthy elites and other anti-union organizations designed to weaken and eventually break public sector unions.  They see all of us as a threat and can only rely on an ideological court to achieve their ends as their other attempts have failed in the public sphere.

Despite the Court’s decision, we are more energized and defiant. Over the last several months, many of our colleagues have joined UPI for the first time. We are stronger today because this attack.  We will never quit, no matter what. Please know that as members, the Janus decision will in no way compromise the UPI’s ability to protect rights and benefits negotiated in our contracts.

For those who have not signed your membership cards, we urge you to join with your colleagues and become a member today.  You can join through an online membership form available at: https://m.ift-aft.org/card or contact your Chapter President.  When we organize together, we can protect our students, institutions, and working conditions.  Our collective voice is the only means we have to protect our pensions, health care, compensation, work load, and many other negotiated benefits as well as our students access to high quality institutions.

Together, we will continue to collectively bargain for everyone—members and non-members alike— in all of our UPI bargaining units.

We expect anti-labor groups to not end their attack.  They are well-funded and have been set up for more than a year waiting for a favorable Supreme Court decision. You may be contacted by some of these groups trying to convince you to leave your union. They may use the argument that you can pocket the union dues and still retain representation. They do not realize that union representation earns increased salaries and work place protections that more than offset the dues we pay. The problem is that without your membership, although you are still covered, our voice becomes weaker.

Another tactic that these groups use is to tell you that they will represent you …for a fee. The “fee” is actually an insurance policy. It does not negotiate for you; the Janus decision does not change the union’s relationship with your University.

If one of these groups contacts you, we ask you to contact your Chapter President or myself at jmiller@upilocal4100.org.  If you have any questions about the UPI, the Janus decision, or the rights, protections and benefits you receive as a UPI member, please contact us. You can call us directly at 312-663-5916.

Together, we are stronger! We are linked together through our commitment to educate our students.  Nothing will stand in our way.

In Solidarity,

John Miller, UPI President

UPI 2018 Election results are now available at the link below:

 Election Results


SURS Election - Vote for Steve Rock!

Remember to vote before May 1

The State University Retirement System will be having an election that begins on April 2nd and ends on May 1st. You will soon be sent an email or paper ballot from SURS that you must complete before May 1st. It is important that you vote for STEVE ROCK the IFT endorsed candidate.  Steve is a long time IFT-UPI member and is completing his first term on the Board.

The Illinois Federation of Teachers, UPI Local 4100, Cook County Community College Teachers Local 1600, Faculty Advisory Council of the IBHE, Kankakee Community College Teachers Association, Illinois Education Association, AFSCME, and the State University Annuitants Association  ALL recommend a vote for Steve Rock to the SURS board.

For more information on Steve, click the link below:
SURS Election - Vote for Rock

Important Candidate Information

If you are running for an UPI office, please see the Election Policies and letter from the Chair of the UPI Board of Trustees for important election information:


UPI Local and Chapter Elections 


October, 2017          Publication of timeline for UPI Election on UPI website

October – November, 2017   UPI Office to reconcile members' home addresses and share with chapters for updates and corrections.  Timeline postcard and ballots are mailed to members home address.

January 5, 2018  Timeline Postcard mailed to members        

January 12, 2018  Each Chapter Executive Board appoints a nominations committee. Chapter presidents will forward to UPI Chicago office names and contact info for chairs of the committee.

January 12 - February 9,  2018   The chapter nominations committees solicit recommendations from members and draw up slates of candidates for chapter and local offices.

February 12  -  March 2, 2018    The chapter nominations committees hold at least one chapter membership meeting to solicit nominations from the floor.

February 16, 2018  Deadline to become a dues member to be eligible to vote in the election.  Signed membership forms must be submitted to UPI Chicago office.  Membership list will be frozen until after the Election.

March 2, 2018 Chapter nominations committees submit all nominations and the name of the chapter observer to the UPI Chicago office.

March 2, 2018  Candidate's statements are due in the UPI Chicago office.  Statements are limited to 150 words and will be cut off if over the limit.

March 2 – 16, 2018  UPI Chicago office prepares ballots & instructions. Ballots are proofread by chapter Presidents, chairs for chapter nomination comm. and chair of UPI Trustees/Audit committee.

March 16, 2018       Ballots must be approved or corrected by this date.

March 20, 2018  Candidate's statements will be posted on UPI website - www,upilocal4100.org.

March 20 – 30, 2018  Ballots are mailed to members' home addresses.

April 20, 2018  Postmark deadline for return of ballots.

April 26, 2018           Counting of ballots by IFT  at IFT Westmont Office.

April 27, 2018            Election results will be posted on UPI website - www.upilocal4100.org

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