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Added November 25, 2020

NEW- University Professionals of Illinois (UPI) Small Grant Corporation, NFP


We created a non-profit corporation associated with UPI to solicit donations primarily for what are called "fast-funds". These funds are meant to support students in unexpected financial turmoil at risk of dropping out of school because of that!


The not-for-profit corporation, named the University Professionals of Illinois (UPI) Small Grant Corporation, NFP was set up primarily to distribute fast funds to students. These funds are meant to help alleviate financial distress due to unexpected expenses placing them at risk for dropping out of school!

Video of Town Hall on Facebook Live

Added August 5, 2020

COVID-19 Information and Resources

Added August 1, 2020

The Covid-19 Pandemic has ramifications for all UPI members.  UPI members have been very active in following the rapidly evolving science of the Covid-19 pandemic.  This has included having UPI members serve on the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) Reopening Committee.   In order to better assist UPI members, a new section is being added to the UPI website for Covid-19 related Information and Resources.  Included here is the (Recommended) Best Practices for Safely Reopening Institutes of Higher Education that was prepared by Dr. William Mills, Dr. Gabriel Guzman and Dr. Sheila Simons and released by UPI  in a press briefing on July 23.

Faculty Home Work

Remote work is proving difficult for many professors, given the circumstances and despite some early predictions to the contrary. What institutions are doing and can start doing to ease the pressure.The good news for faculty members is that colleges and universities appear to be listening to these reality checks about working from home.  


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