Governors State University

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Chapter President - Sandi Estep
Chapter Treasurer - Pam Stipanich 
Chapter Secretary - Jeannine Klomes
Chapter Unit A Vice President - Carlos Ferran 
Chapter Unit B Vice President - Michael Hart 
Chapter ASP Vice President - Carla Johnson
Chapter UPI Executive Board Rep.- Carla Johnson
Grievance Officer - Glenna Howell
Communications/Website - Bonnie Gregg
Membership - Walter Henne and Elizabeth Essex
Legislative Committee Co-Chairs - Ben Almassi and Walter Henne
Events Chair -
COB Rep - Stephen Wagner and Michael Larson
CAS Rep - Walter Henne and Elizabeth Essex
CHHS Rep -
COE Rep - Lucianne Brown
Library - Paul Blobaum
Negotiating Team Tier 1 and 2 - See "Contract Negotiations"

GSU Chapter House Of Delegates

Paul Blobaum
Sondra Estep
Carlos Ferran
Michael Hart
Walter Henne
Carla Johnson
William Kelley
Jeannine Klomes
Dwight Vick
Bruce Wilson

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