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Eastern Illinois University - University Professionals of Illinois (EIU-UPI) is the Eastern chapter of University Professionals of Illinois Local 4100. EIU-UPI is the collective bargaining agent for the faculty and academic support professionals at Eastern Illinois University.  We advocate for the interests of our members, to make them a priority for the University, state, and nation.

As professionals and intellectuals, our interests include a commitment to students and to academic quality. As part of the labor movement we support the interests of all working people in the spirit of solidarity.

Diversity Statement:
The University Professionals of Illinois, EIU Chapter, is dedicated to bargaining for just, equitable, and safe working conditions on our campus. Our chapter recognizes that achieving fair working conditions for all our members means addressing the diverse needs of a diverse faculty and staff. We commit ourselves to building an exemplary educational community that offers a nurturing and challenging intellectual climate; a respect for the spectrum of human diversity; and a genuine understanding of the many differences—including, but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, gender identity, age, socio-economic status, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and religion—that enrich a vibrant residential and regional university. Acknowledging that our role as the bargaining representative requires us to represent the interests of the entire bargaining unit in the enforcement of the contract, the chapter therefore resolves to respect the dignity and uphold the rights of each of its members so that each can flourish professionally and succeed in contributing to the educational mission of the University.

Meetings  TBA

Proposed MOA for AOD guidelines and Special CUs

"The AOD MOA was negotiated by a task force comprised of UPI and EIU representatives, ratified by the membership on 2/14/19, and signed by the Provost and UPI Chapter President on 2/25/19. 
The Approved Special CU list is created by the Provost and not ratified by UPI members. It is included here for informational purposes.

If you have questions/concerns, please contact Jeannie Ludlow at jeannieludlowUPI@gmail.com.


Approved special CUs 2019 v. 2

2018 Negotiated Agreements:

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Calculate your UPI dues 2020-2021
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Download the current Bylaws (Revision Approved by Members Fall 2019 and by the UPI Executive Board Sept. 23, 2019).

Know Your Weingarten Rights

If you face discipline on the job, you have the right to union representation. These are your "Weingarten Rights," Protected by the Supreme Court.

Tell your Supervisor : "If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I request that my union representative, officer, or steward by present at the meeting. Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions."

EIU Chapter President Jeannie LudlowjeannieludlowUPI@gmail.com 217-317-0309
EIU Grievance Officer Doug Brandt: cfdeb@yahoo.com

Executive Board

Jeannie Ludlow

Vice President:
Jennifer Stringfellow

Executive Assistant:
Bryan Murley

John Cabage

Unit A Representative:
Billy Hung

Unit B ACF Representative:
Carrie Wilson-Brown

Unit B ASP Representative: 
Betsy Jewell 

Grievance Officer:
Doug Brandt



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