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About Us

Who We Are

The University Professionals of Illinois, Local 4100, is the recognized leader in academic bargaining for higher education in Illinois representing 7 of the 12 Illinois public universities and 2,700 members at the bargaining table.

Where We Are


UPI Chapters exist at:

  • Chicago State University, Chicago
  • Eastern Illinois University, Charleston
  • Governors State University, University Park
  • Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago
  • Northern Illinois University, DeKalb
  • University of Illinois - Springfield
  • Western Illinois University, Macomb

What We Do

  • Negotiate contracts at member schools
  • Lobby in Springfield for the cause of higher education
  • Redress contract violations through a grievance procedure
  • Work with the state legislature to improve higher education in Illinois
  • Alert the Illinois Board of Higher Education to issues of concern to our members
  • Monitor developments in higher education throughout the country
  • Provide valuable professional development to members

What We've Done

  • Secured higher-than-average salary increases at seven campuses across the state

  • Lobbied successfully to secure tuition waivers for university faculty, staff, and their dependents

  • Lobbied successfully to secure and protect favorable pension monies for higher educations' retirees

Who We Are Affiliated With

Illinois Federation of Teachers (with 85,000 members); the American Federation of Teachers (more than 1 million members); and the AFL-CIO (with more than 13 million members)

UPI At Western Illinois University


Who We Are

  • The Western Illinois University Chapter of UP I Local 4100 was established in 1976

  • Organizational structure: The WIU Chapter is comprised of two units: Unit A which consists of tenured and tenure-track faculty constitute, and Unit B which consists of associate faculty and academic support professionals
  • The entire bargaining unit is 660 members strong

What We Do

  • Negotiate and implement contracts that govern salary and work conditions

  • Represent members in the grievance process
  • Monitor and respond to campus events
  • Represent the interests of WIU faculty and academic support professionals to the UPI Local organization, state legislators, and campus administration

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