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Memorandum of Agreement

2010-2015 Contract Extension


Western Illinois University and UPI Local 4100 jointly agree to the following:


  1. The Agreement 2010-2015, with the modifications identified in this MOA, will be extended from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017.


  2. Basic Increase:
    1. Effective the first day of the fall 2014 contract, or July 1, 2014, for 12-month employees, the Board will grant each eligible employee, under contract and in the bargainĀ­ing unit during the 2014-2015 (FY15) year, a salary increase of 2.0% of the employee’s 2013-2014 basic monthly salary
    2. For FY16 (2015-2016), the salary increase shall be 2%.


    3. For FY17 (2016-2017), the salary increase shall be 1%.


  3. Minima and promotion will be adjusted according to the increases outlined above.


  4. If an employee signs, prior to July 1, 2014 an irrevocable election agreement to retire prior to June 30, 2015 the employee will be exempt from the new contract and retain rights to wage increases guaranteed under the prior contract (WIU/UPI 2010-2015 Agreement).  These employees who signed the irreĀ­vocable election letter to retire will also be eligible for other compensation increases as agreed in the WIU/UPI 2010-2015 Agreement if they are employed that year. An employee who signs an irrevocable election on or after July 1, 2014 will be subject to pay provisions effective at the time they sign the IER.


  5. A Grant Fellowship program will be established (see attached document).
  6. Unit B Faculty Administrative Leave:  The number of administrative leaves will not exceed one at any given point in time.  Administrative leave may be for a year-long 50% assignment, for a semester-long 50% assignment.  Implementation procedures for Unit B faculty administrative leaves will be developed jointly by UPI and the Administration by March 2014.  The procedures will be articulated in a MOU.
  7. The date in Article 13.6.a will updated so that the Committee to Study Market Equity is to complete its report and submit it to the University President and Union Chapter President by April 1, 2016.


  8. Committee to Review Workloads for Academic Support Professionals: The University and Union agree to form a Committee to review workloads for Academic Support Professionals prior to the end of this contract. The University and Union shall appoint an equal number of representatives to serve on the committee as voting members. Non-voting members and staff may be appointed to the committee by either the University or Union as appropriate. The committee is to complete its report and submit it to the University President and Union Chapter President.


  9. Committee to Study Possible Promotional System for Unit B: The University and Union agree to form a Committee to study the possibility of developing a promotional system for Unit B employees prior to the end of this contract. The University and Union shall appoint an equal number of representatives to serve on the committee as voting members. Non-voting members and staff may be appointed to the committee by either the University or Union as appropriate. The committee is to complete its report and submit it to the University President and Union Chapter President.


  10.  Article 20.8.b will be updated as below to reflect a change in date from December 15 to January 15.

    20.8.b. Written notice that a probationary appointment will not be renewed will be given to an employee by the University President as follows:

    (1) By not later than April 1 for employees in PY1 and PY2

    (2) By not later than January 15 for employees in PY3 and PY4

    (3) By not later than 12 months before expiration of the appointment for employees in PY5 and PY6 (tenure year)

  11. All Agreement Articles, except those related to compensate and Articles 13.6.a and 20.8.b, will remain unchanged.  This includes articles related to department criteria, PAA, summer rotation, department workload equivalents, college workload equivalents, etc.


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Signature of authorized WIU administration representative                          Date

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Signature of authorized UPI union representative                                          Date

Extra-contractual Items:


  1. A Neutrality Statement regarding ongoing organizing by the UPI and IFT will be developed (Language to be negotiated).
  2. Bargaining unit members may attend 2-3 membership meetings during work time to discuss Agreement changes and to vote on the contract changes.  The total time will not exceed a total of 150 minutes.
  3. A joint committee will be created to explore additional ways to assist in recruitment efforts.
  4. The Provost Travel award will increase in Fall 2014 to $575 – faculty can request up to 1 per semester.
  5. ASP’s may use Equal Time Off for up to 7.5 hours on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
  6. There is agreement between UPI and the Administration to negotiate amendment one to the compensation plan (3.06 and 4.06): Creation of the 403B discretionary contributions,  if the University decides to utilize this amendment for any bargaining unit member.


1. Purpose: Because of its commitment to provide excellence in education, the Board offers funds to support a three (3) ACE reassignment of workload to faculty members for the purpose of encouraging external grant applications for the mutual benefit of the University and the employee. Fellows will be required to develop and submit applications for extramural funds during the fellowship term..

2. Eligibility: In order to be eligible for a grant writing fellowship, applicants must: (1) be a member in bargaining unit with a full-time appointment; (2) return to a full- time position at WIU the semester following the fellowship term; (3) have complied with all requirements, including a submission of a final report, for all previous grants/awards; and (4) not be required to write grants as part of one’s normally assigned duties.

3. Quota: Eight fellowships will be offered each year. Preference will be 1 per college. For the purposes of this grant writing fellowship, for those areas of the University where bargaining members work but are not affiliated with a specific college, members will be grouped together (such as Library, Center for International Studies, University Television...) and will be considered for the 1 preference outlined above. All remaining fellowships and any unused by a college, for any reason, will be available to the next highest rated application.

4. Fellowship proposal: The fellowship proposal shall include (1) a summary of grant project; (2) a plan of activity; (3) a current vita and/or evidence of background/preparation in topic area, if appropriate; (4) expected grant funding source and estimate of funds; and (5) a report from previous fellowships, if appropriate

5. Procedures: Fellowship proposals shall be reviewed and processed according to established procedures. Proposals will be reviewed by a team of evaluators that will include: a representative from the Office of Sponsored Projects, a representative from the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research, one faculty representative from each college or division, and an external evaluator (if possible). Applications will be reviewed using the following criteria: (1) scientific or subject matter merit of the research or scholarly activity to be proposed in the extramural grant application, (2) likelihood of extramural funding – relevance of the proposal to the sponsor’s priorities, and (3) the applicant’s qualifications. Evaluators will score the proposals in collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Projects Director. Proposals must be of merit to be considered for the fellowship.

6. Priority: If the number of acceptable grant writing fellowship proposals exceeds the number of available grant writing fellowships at the University, priority of award shall be determined based on (1) the fellowship proposal score and (2) the number of fellowships already awarded to each College for that year. Preference may be given to applicants proposing to write applications for larger grants with

substantial indirect costs and/or applicants who have not received a grant writing fellowship reassignment of workload.

7. Program Need: A grant writing fellowship may be deferred up to one (1) academic year if necessitated by program need. Notice of deferral must be given upon notification of receipt of the grant writing fellowship. A deferral will not impact the number of fellowships awarded the following year.,

8. Reallocation of Workload: (1) A recipient of a Grant Writing Fellowship will receive a three (3) ACE reallocation of workload. This reallocation of workload cannot place the member in an ACE overload for the academic semester or year, nor shall it leave the member with a total ACE load greater than that which s/he was assigned during the immediately preceding academic year without faculty consent.

9. Conditions: (1) Each employee in her/his grant fellowship proposal shall inform the University of other salaries, grants, fellowships, or financial support for which the employee has applied or does receive. If notice of support is received after the proposal is submitted, the employee shall notify the appropriate vice president. (2) Any change in the grant fellowship which significantly modifies the original proposal must be reported to the appropriate department chair, dean, and appropriate vice president for approval before the grant fellowship is undertaken. (3) The extramural proposal (or proposals) developed during the period must be significant in your field (the expectation is approximately $20,000 and result in an award to the institution, not an individual). (4) Fellows have one year to submit the external grant application. If the initial submission is not funded, the applicant will work with the Office of Sponsored Projects or a grant writing coach to discuss and develop a plan for resubmission.

Report of Grant Writing Fellowship: By the end of the first semester following the grant writing fellowship, the employee shall file a written account of grant writing activities and accomplishments as related to the goals and objectives stated in the grant writing fellowship proposal with the department chair, dean, and appropriate vice president. The report shall include (1) a summary of the project/work accomplished; (2) progress toward and/or completed outcomes towards an extramural funding application; (3) an updated vita, including works-in-progress; and (4) a discussion of future benefit resulting from the grant writing fellowship. The Academic Vice President shall mark the report complete/incomplete. The faculty member will have an opportunity to rewrite an incomplete report and resubmit it within 30 days. A report that remains incomplete may result in the individual not being eligible for future grant writing fellowships..

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