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2021 Election Timeline-approved by the UPI Executive Board Oct 2, 2020


Publication of timeline for UPI Election on UPI website-www.upilocal4100.org

October - November

UPI Office to reconcile members' home addresses and off-campus emails and share with chapters for updates and corrections.  

January 8

Timeline Postcard mailed to members home address  

January 15

Each Chapter Executive Board appoints a nominations committee. Chapter presidents will forward to UPI. Local office names and contact info for chairs of the committee.  

January 15 - February 12

The chapter nominations committees solicit recommendations from members and draw up slates of candidates for chapter and local offices.  

February 15 - March 3

The chapter nominations committees hold at least one chapter membership meeting to solicit nominations from the floor. Due to the Covid situation on all campuses, this meeting shall be virtual and must be announced two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.  

February 19

Deadline to become a dues member to be eligible to vote in the election. Signed membership forms must be submitted to UPI Local office. Membership list will be frozen until after the Election.  

March 5

Chapter nominations committees submit all nominations and the name of the chapter observer to the UPI Local office.

Candidate's statements are due in the UPI Local office. Statements are limited to 150 words and will be cut off if over the limit.

March 5 - 19

UPI Local office prepares ballots & instructions. Ballots are proofread by chapter Presidents, chairs for chapter nomination comm. and chair of UPI Trustees/Audit committee.  

March 19

Ballots must be approved or corrected by this date.

March 22

Candidate's statements will be posted on UPI website -www.upilocal4100.org.  

March 22 - April 2

Ballots are mailed to members' home addresses.  

April 23

Postmark deadline for return of ballots.  

April 29

Counting of ballots by IFT at IFT Westmont Office.  

April 30

Election results will be posted on UPI website - www.upilocal4100.org  
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