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Higher Ed Leaders Say They Won't Cover Fall MAP Grants Without State Money

Apr 08, 2016

WCBU                 By Sarah Mueller            April 7, 2016
Many Illinois community colleges and universities will not cover low-income tuition waivers in the fall, unless they get state money.  

That's the message from higher education leaders to the state's 125,000 students who are eligible for the monetary assistance program, or MAP, grants.

Public colleges and universities that have so far covered the cost for MAP students are sounding the alarm that they may not continue.

Director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education James Applegate says the hold-up of MAP money has private, not-for-profit schools -- which often serve low-income students -- on the edge too.

"Many of them are beginning to recognize that they can't continue to front the MAP dollars. So the public universities to date have committed through this semester. The fall, I can't predict,” Applegate said.

It's been ten months since colleges and universities have seen state funding. 

Higher education leaders are asking lawmakers to pass a higher education budget now.  

They say the Illinois Math and Science Academy -- a high school that's largely dependent on the state -- is also in dire straits. 

Some schools have laid off employees, and there's a prospect schools like Chicago State University may close.‚Äč
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