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  • Teacher Academy Clases

    See the fantastic teacher academy classes that are starting next week- good for 1 credit on the pay scale
  • flyer for picnic

    50th Labor Day Parade & Picnic 2017

    We meet at position #10 (near 505 NE Monroe, Peoria, Illinois 61603) at 10 am click for more details
  • Union strong

    2017 Worksite Leader Training

    The IFT's WSL program is a series of five modules. Each module provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills needed for worksite leader (building reps) to be effective. All five modules must be completed to become a WSL graduate. IFT Worksite Learning training program modules include: ‚Äč1. UNION 101 Learn about the responsibilities and role of a worksite leader. 2. COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION Learn how to improve your communication skills; review tools and methods for maintaining data. 3. WORKSITE ADVOCACY Learn about the key areas of member advocacy, including grapes and grievances, member representation and contract enforcement, and more. 4. MOBILIZATION AND ENGAGEMENT Learn how to use one-on-one conversations to recruit, engage, and mobilize members. 5. POLITICAL, LEGISLATIVE, AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT ‚ÄčLearn how the union makes policy and political decisions; understand the importance of legislative, political, and community engagement. Become a WSL graduate and take the next steps towards strengthening your local and the IFT!
  • Build Schools not walls

    PFT Hosting May Day Rally

    Monday May 1st, the Peoria Federation of Teachers will be hosting a May Day rally in support of having safe schools. Click for more information.
  • Click Here

    Two Senate Bills for Illinois to Take Money Away from Schools

    There are two bills that want to route money away from public schools to private institutions. This gives instructions on how to voice your opinion (less than 5 minutes for both).
  • February calendar

    February Member Meeting-- Changes!!

    The February member meeting will occur Feb. 14th @ 4:45; this change will allow members to get their union fix and then have a special evening with someone special or have a special evening eating something special.
  • December Member Meeting with WInter Social afterwards

    Member Meeting and Social

    What could be better than a Member Meeting? Well, that would be a Member Meeting plus and additional Winter Social!!!
  • Moving up the scale

    Checking Your Stubs

    Good news to report. Retro pay will appear on the Nov. 18 paycheck. That check will include lane change and salary retro pay. Schedule C retro and new increase for 6th assignment pay will appear on the Dec 2 paycheck. Click to find out the schedules and to calculate your increases
  • Labor day graphic

    Labor Day Parade

    Please plan on attending the parade on Monday (Sept 5th). The parade starts at 10:00, line up at 9:30 . The parade is an opportunity to show the PFT' s strength and unity to the community. A strong show of force will demonstrate that we are united in our efforts to demand respect for our chosen profession. NOW IS THE TIME! WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION!
  • Yes-We-Can

    HOI United Way Food Drive 2016

    PFT is supporting the HOI's United Way food drive to help local food pantries to reach those in most need. Click for more information.
  • uli


    Are you a new building rep? Interested in brushing up on the latest info to be the best BR you can be? Then find out more here


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