Peoria Federation of Teachers
Local 780


What does COPE stand for?—Committee on Political Education

Vision: The COPE committee’s vision is to have a Union that has the ability to positively impact political and social issues locally, state-wide, and nation-wide.

Mission:  The COPE committee’s mission is to inform and engage PFT Local 780 members in political/social issues and elections that affect our teachers and our students.

a.  Meet regularly to discuss actions, projects, politics, and social issues that affect our students, teachers, community, state, and nation.
b.  Engage in actions such as rallies, phone banking, and canvassing in an effort to connect with our members, community, and lawmakers.
c.  Participate in town halls, forums, city council meetings, and school board meetings.
d.  Interview political candidates to determine if their opinions and perspectives on labor, education, and social issues align with our Union’s mission and vision.  The committee will also determine if the candidate has the capabilities of effectively championing our Union’s causes and concerns.
e.  In some cases, the COPE committee may endorse candidates or contribute funds to their campaigns.
f.  Form relationships with local and state lawmakers and meet with them to discuss political and social issues.
g.  Work with other labor and community groups in an effort to build power to address the needs of our students, teachers, and our community.

2017 Illinois Gubernatorial Democratic Canidates2017 Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates- The order of the document comes from the order that they spoke at a candidates picnic hosted by Cheri Bustos on Aug 26th

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