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Checking Your Stubs

Nov 17, 2016
With our earned raises being back-paid on the 18th, we wanted to make sure that no one's paycheck is incorrect.  

Here is the drafted pay scales

Teachers: SKM_364e16110917500



Most of you will receive 6 checks worth of retro pay. If you are an early start schedule, you will have 7 checks of retro pay. Valeska teachers will have 8 checks of retro pay.


It is very important that you check your paycheck on Skyward financial on the 18th. The retro pay will have its own entries so that can be calculated more easily.


Here is the suggested way from payroll to check new and retro pay.


Go to 15-16 salary schedule find step and lane divide by 26 = old biweekly

Go to 16-17 salary schedule find new step(go down one line) and lane divide by 26 = new biweekly

Take new biweekly subtract old biweekly = difference

Times difference by number of checks received through 11/4/16 = retro



Old biweekly = 1000.00

New biweekly = 1050.00

Difference = 50.00

Number of checks received  = 6

6 x 50.00 = 300.00

Retro = 300.00


We would like to thank the payroll department for their hard work in calculating new pay rates and retro rates for our ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP.  We appreciate their diligence in getting this done in a timely manner.



PFT Executive Board


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