Peoria Federation of Teachers
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Teacher Academy Clases

Jan 25, 2018

Visit the professional development calendar to check out these Teacher Academy courses beginning as early as next week! Courses are six sessions and provide one hour of credit for lane change on the teacher pay scale. 

Foundations of Effective Teaching, Part 2; Cassandra (Cayce) Frietsch
Foundations of Effective Teaching 1 focuses on two areas of research: classroom management and teaching effectiveness. During this class, participants will become familiar with the current research and trends regarding these two components. Focus will be on putting into practice various strategies from the research in their classrooms, and reflecting on the effectiveness of the strategies. This course is a 30 hour course when taken in its entirety. 

Multisensory Strategies for ELA Tier 1; Amanda Brown
What if I were to tell you the English spelling system makes perfect sense? You'd probably retort with a list of words that 'break the rules'. But that is in fact spelling's job: communicating sense. Multisensory ELA Strategies for Tier 1 is a course designed to equip teachers to use multisensory instruction and Orton-Gillingham strategies within the framework of the current district curriculum. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the structure and history of the English language in order to better teach all students, and particularly those who experience difficulty achieving grade-level literacy.  

Thinking Math 3-5; Marricea Page
This course focuses not only on research findings about how children learn multiplication and division of whole numbers but also on the struggles students have with fraction concepts and computation. Logically extending concepts learned in whole number work to fractions can lessen the cognitive load and help students make sense of them. The course begins with a brief introduction to the Ten Principles of Thinking Mathematics instruction; using these principles leads to a better understanding of mathematics by all students. The course also focuses on the mathematical practices (habits of mind students develop and use as they learn math). Participants will explore multiple representations and strategies to use with their students to help develop a deep understanding of multiplication and division. Participants will also learn ways to help students understand fractions as single numbers that can be represented on the number line to help students develop a sense of fraction magnitude so they can make sense of problems and determine whether answers are reasonable.


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