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Two Senate Bills for Illinois to Take Money Away from Schools

Feb 13, 2017

Voucher Bills Poised for Action in House Education Committee Next Week!

HB 213 (Ford, D-Chicago) diverts money from public education by taking money from the lottery fund and making those dollars available for private school vouchers.

HB 443 (Ives, R-Wheaton) creates the Illinois School Choice Program, a new program administered by the State Board of Education. The bill allows State-recognized, non-public schools to enroll eligible students and be reimbursed for vouchers.

As Illinois’ budget impasse sets records, the stack of unpaid bills currently stands at around $11 billion and is expected to reach $15 billion by July if lawmakers fail to take action. Schools are owed almost $1 billion already! We’ve seen State appropriations for education be reduced and local tax revenues falling or constrained by caps. Our students are losing services every day in their classrooms in the public schools of this state. Voucher bills further threaten an already shrinking pot of dollars available to schools meaning additional reductions in service to the children of the Illinois public school system.

Make your OPPOSITION known!
1. Visit the Illinois General Assembly website at
2. Select the GA Dashboard link in red.
3. On the left-hand side, select HOUSE, then select Committees.
4. Scroll down to Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies Committee
5. Click on the gavel to the right to view Committee Hearings, then click View Legislation.
6. For HB 213 – Ford and HB 443 - Ives click the pen and paper icon on the right to create an OPPONENT Slip.
7. Fill out your information be sure to select OPPONENT as your position (do not click the box for Add Position). For Firm/Business or Agency, type “self.”
8. Under Representation, type “self” or perhaps “students”.
9. Under Testimony, select Record of Appearance Only.
10. Agree to the terms and click Submit. A confirmation will pop up.


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