Peoria Federation of Teachers
Local 780


Aug 05, 2016

Illinois Federation of Teachers' logoIllinois Federation of Teachers' Union Leadership Institute

Consisting of five (5) modules, this training will provide participants with the tools needed to be effective work site leaders. The intent of the program that a union member will take all five modules. Once all five modules are complete, the union member will be considered a "graduate" of the IFT Worksite Leader Training Program .The(5) worksite leader training modules descriptions can be found on the next page. This training is designed for local leaders, worksite leaders, and potential worksite leaders, from all IFT constituency groups.

Training will focus on...Modules can be taken in any order

Sept 8, 2016              Module 1 – Union 101 -                
Sept 15, 2016             Module 2 – Communications and Information –
Sept 22, 2016            Module 3 – Worksite Advocacy –
Sept 29, 2016             Module 4 – Mobilization and Engagement –
October 6, 2016        Module 5 – Political, Legislative & Community Engagement

The training will be held at the IFT office,
733 SW Washington Street, Peoria, Illinois.

TRAINING TIMES:  4:30 – 7:30 P.M.

You are encouraged to bring a copy of your union contract, Constitution & By-Laws to the training.


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