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printable copy of Local 943 By-Laws

Local 943 By-Laws


1. Officer Description: Duties of Officers and Executive Board

a.  President: The president shall preside over all meetings (regular, special, and meetings of the executive board). The president shall appoint committee chairpersons with the approval of the executive board. The president shall take general responsibility for and general supervision of the functioning of the relations to other organizations. The president shall make an annual written report to the membership. The president shall perform other duties as are ordinarily incumbent upon that office. The senior vice president will preside in the absence of the president.

b. Vice President for Political Action: The vice president for political action, shall be in charge of political action and shall be the legislative chairperson. S/He will assist the councils in their political activities.

c. Vice President for Communications and Public Relations: The vice president for communications and public relations shall be in charge of communications and public relations. This vice president shall be responsible for the publication of the Local 943 newspaper. This vice president shall also coordinate and assist in preparing material for publication to the IFT, AFT, and other news media.

d. Vice President for Educational and Professional Issues: The vice president for educational and professional issues shall be responsible for the coordination and distribution of information on educational and professional issues from the AFT, IFT, and other sources. This vice president shall coordinate local research and training programs in the areas of educational reform and professional issues.

e. Treasurer: The treasurer shall receive, record, and deposit in the name of the local all monies from dues and other sources. S/He shall forward all per capita dues and current membership lists to the affiliated organizations to keep the local in good standing at all times. Special care shall be taken to see that per capita tax through June 30 is sent to the national office no later than ten (10) days prior to the opening of the national convention to make sure delegates from the local will be seated. The treasurer shall be the chairperson of the budget committee and shall present a written report to all members annually. S/He shall keep accurate records available at all times for the executive board and the audit committee. S/He shall pay all bills incurred by the local and shall prepare a statement of dues receivable, local income and local expenses to be presented at each meeting. The treasurer shall be bonded and arrange an annual audit of the books by an impartial party.

f. Secretary: The secretary shall maintain the non-financial files and records and be the custodian of the seal and charter of the organization. S/He shall record and keep accurate minutes of meetings of the membership, the executive board, and the senate. S/He will oversee the work of, and receive and certify the reports of the elections committee. The secretary shall assist the president in handling the correspondence of the organization, oversee the work of, and receive and certify the reports of the elections committee, and perform other duties as delegated by the president, or assigned by the executive board.

g. Executive Board: It shall be the duty of the executive board to consider and make recommendations on matters of business and policy which shall be presented to the senate.
2. Defense Fund: The defense fund shall be used solely for financing the necessary protection needed to preserve or expand the legislated, constitutional and/or contractual rights pertinent to the employment and/or authorized union activities of those persons entitled to the protection of Local 943. Official protection shall be extended to all persons who are members of councils affiliated with Local 943 and members-at-large. The treasurer chairs the defense committee. The committee shall be composed of the local president, local treasurer and three appointed Local 943 members.

Support for those cases which may result in disbursement of defense funds shall be approved by the defense committee. The amount allocated for the defense fund will be set annually by the senate.

3. Council Responsibility:

    A. Each council shall:
1. administer its own affairs so long as they are not contrary to the constitution, policies and welfare of Local 943;

2. maintain current and accurate membership information and forward to Local 943 a list of member names, addresses and phone numbers by October 15; and

3. submit its dues to Local 943 monthly.

   B. Each council shall have on file with Local 943:

1. a copy of the council’s constitution forwarding to Local 943 any amendments as soon as possible after ratification of same;

2. a copy of the council’s yearly audit or financial report;

3. a breakdown of the council’s dues structure for the current year; and

4. a list of council officers, building representatives and Local 943 senators forwarding changes to Local 943 as soon as possible after the changes occur.

    C. The local executive board shall have the authority to declare a council in bad standing
    when per capita is sixty (60) days in arrears and so notify the council officers in writing. The
    executive board, ten (10) days after written notice may take any or all the following actions:

1. notify the members of the council that the council is in bad standing and that services and benefits to the members and the council will be suspended;

2. deny financial support to the council for defense, assistance, rebates or any other money due to the council;

3. request that the IFT withdraw assistance to the council of any field staff directors or services provided by any other employees of the IFT;

4. take appropriate legal action to collect per capita owed; and

5. audit the books and records of the council.

4. Separation: Any council that wishes to separate from the local must petition in writing to the local with reasons for separation given. The petition for separation must be signed by 30% of the council membership and submitted by March 1. A referendum must be held no less than 34 days nor more than 90 calendar days from the receipt of the petition. To be effective, the referendum must pass by a two-thirds vote of the total council membership. The officers of the local have a right to meet the council members to discuss the reasons for the separation, consistent with the AFT procedures and policies relative to separation. Separation will become effective September 1.   However, that which is contributed in the form of dues, taxes, or capital assets shall remain the property of the local upon separation.

5. Amending the By Laws: Amendments to these by laws may be proposed at any regular or special senate meeting. Each senator will be provided a copy of the proposed amendment at least five (5) days before the meeting.

Ratification: Proposed amendments shall be presented to the membership of Local 943 at a time set by the senate after their approval of amendment(s) and ratified by a simple majority of those members voting from Local 943 within ten days of the receipt of said amendment. Voting will be conducted on the same day for each council as determined by the local executive board.

6. Meeting with Council Members: All local officers shall have the right to meet with council members at any time.

7. A reduction in union membership within a council shall affect senate representation at the next regular senate meeting.

8. Local 943 will recognize any new or replacement senator elected or appointed by a participating council, based on membership formula in Article V, section 2 of the constitution, at the next senate meeting following the election or appointment of that senator.

Amended February, 2007
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