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November 21st is PSRP Day

PSRP Day is an annual day to recognize the invaluable role PSRPs play in ensuring that Illinois schools and higher education institutions run efficiently and that students are in safe and productive learning environments. Without PSRPs, schools could not function and students would not learn.
That’s exactly what IFT President Dan Montgomery found out first hand when he spent a “day in the life” of some IFT PSRPs.


The level of caring and commitment shown by each of the PSRPs I had the honor to observe and work alongside was nothing less than inspiring. But, let’s face it, most people are not aware of the work school support staff do. Perhaps that’s because when done well, their work is “invisible.” But what many do not understand is that it takes more than classroom teachers to ensure all those things happen. And without PSRPs, they simply would not.
“My experience as a PSRP made it clearer to me than ever before that we owe PSRPs our gratitude and respect.”


Thank you to our PSRPs, you are the glue that holds us together.





 Paraprofessionals Must Now Register Their Licenses



Due to a law change in the last few years, paraprofessionals must now register their licenses.

The change means that many, many paraprofessional licenses are up for renewal in 2018.  This may cause a big overload on  the ELIS system once they, along with all other educators, are eligible to renew their licenses on April 1, 2018.  To alleviate long wait times or drops in the ELIS system, So Cook ISC strongly recommends that everyone wait a few days after April 1, 2018 to register their licenses.


Not all paraprofessionals need to register their licenses in 2018.

  • Paraprofessionals with a license issued prior to July 1, 2013, need to register their license between April 1 and June 30, 2018.

  • Paraprofessionals with a license issued after July 1, 2013, do not need to register their license before June 30, 2018, but they    will need to register their license 5 years from the date of issue of their original license.

If an educator holds more than one type of license, they only need to maintain their highest license.  For example, if someone holds a teaching license (PEL) and they also hold a substitute license or a paraprofessional license, they only need to renew/register the teaching license (PEL) as it is the highest license.

Professional development is not required for paraprofessionals to register their license, and the fee to register is $50.

Any other questions or concerns can be answered by calling: South Cook ISC,  253 West Joe Orr Road,  Chicago Heights, Illinois 60411;; 708-754-6600

Click here to go to the ELIS website.


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