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Southwest Suburban Federation of Teachers

AFT Local 943


It’s Your Future

Local 943 Voluntary COPE Fund


By contributing a few dollars a year, you can help make a difference in protecting your benefits and rights!


COPE stands for Committee On Political Education

What does it mean for you?



Elected Officials — school boards, legislators, congressmen, the President — decide about your retirement,
your pension, your social security, your health care, your certification, your tenure, your contract rights,
your job responsibilities.....and the list goes on.


  • COPE money collected is used at the local, state and national levels.

  • It is used for campaigns, referenda, school board elections and more.

  • It is imperative to make sure that the Union stands behind those individuals that support our issues.

  • This is a non-partisan campaign fund.

  • Through the voluntary COPE program, we can make our stance known where the decisions are made.

With your contribution, the Union can work to protect
your rights, your benefits, and your future!

Please consider making a contribution to the Local 943 COPE fund.

Our goal is to receive a $5.00 donation per year from each member.

Any amount, more or less, will be beneficial.

You may make a donation at any time throughout the year.


 Below is a link to obtain a voluntary contribution form


COPE Fund Donation Form

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